Transforming Your Backyard Into An Oasis Like The Water Palace Of Dorne From Game Of Thrones

If you are a Game of Thrones mega-fan and find the sets and locations for the show mesmerizing, you may find yourself wishing that your own home could be like one of the many beautiful palaces on the show. One such palace that encapsulates all of the beauty of the show is the Water Palace of Dorne, where the House Martell rules. The good news is you can transform your backyard into an oasis for yourself modeled after the luxurious grounds at the Water Palace of Dorne. [Read More]

Ripping Out Your Lawn? 3 Reasons A Landscape Designer Should Be Your Next Step

Having a large grass lawn can come with a number of benefits, such as improving the curb appeal and creating a safe space for your children or pets to play in. Even with the benefits, however, you'll quickly notice just how much maintenance a beautiful yard takes. From watering the lawn regularly to picking out weeds, you may find yourself spending hours each month taking a lot of care of your yard. [Read More]

Tame An Unruly Yard With Some Simple, Low-Maintenance Strategies

If you are struggling to keep your yard mowed and manicured, you could be fighting an uphill battle. Instead of working against the elements, try something with your landscaping that will work with the elements and make maintaining your property easier. Try the following tips to create a space that looks great, but that doesn't require you to till and toil every weekend: Create beauty with wildflowers. A simple solution to an unruly lawn or yard is found with wildflower seed mixes. [Read More]

Can't Afford New Carpet? 2 Simple Steps To Get Your Old Carpet Looking And Smelling Like New

If your carpeting has seen better days, but you can't afford to replace it right now, you might think you're out of options. Luckily, that's not the case. There are actually quite a few things you can do to breathe new life into your old carpeting. Here are two inexpensive ways to restore your old carpeting. Get Rid of the Odors If you've had your carpeting for a while, it might be plagued with some serious odor problems. [Read More]