What Can You Do to Maintain Your New Retractable Screen Door?

If you've just recently bought a new retractable screen door for your home and are uncertain about the maintenance it requires, learning how to take care of your new door can help you extend its service life. The following tips will help. Keep it Clean Cleaning your retractable screen door once every year will keep the view out your door clear. To clean the door, close it all the way. Dip a sponge in warm water and gently use the wet sponge to wipe down the screen. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Before Installing A New Air Conditioner

Do you have a house that's been entirely too warm this past summer? Do you need to put in a new air conditioner to make your house bearable? A home air conditioning installation is a big decision, one that will affect your house for many years to come. When talking to the installation professionals, there are some questions that you should ask in order to make sure that you get the best air conditioning unit possible. [Read More]

Avoid Taking Chances On A New Washer With Washer Repair Services

When you have been just getting by with your current washer that is over a decade old, you really have no choice but to replace it when it breaks down. From poor energy efficiency to outdated controls, an older washer can be frustrating to use compared to the high-tech features of newer washing machine models. However, if you have a washer that is still quite new and it's had a malfunction of some kind, you should consider washer repair services, as opposed to taking a chance on an entirely new washer. [Read More]

The Difference Between Modular And Custom Hardwood

If you want to add the look of hardwood to your floors in your basement, there are many options to consider. You will probably be surprised how many different types, styles and price ranges hardwood flooring comes in. Two of the most popular types of hardwood floors are modular and custom. This article explains the main differences between modular and custom products. The Advantages of Modular Hardwood The main advantage of a modular hardwood floors is the fact that they are made for easy installation. [Read More]