Four Tips For Moving Your Book Collection Long Distances

Moving across state lines is hard enough when you have furniture, pets, and appliances to deal with, but what about when you have a personal library to move as well? Books are both heavy and fragile, making them one of the more challenging items to move, particularly in large numbers. In order to keep your books safe and avoid a disorganized nightmare when unpacking in your new home, follow these four tips before you start placing books in boxes. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Before Installing A New Air Conditioner

Do you have a house that's been entirely too warm this past summer? Do you need to put in a new air conditioner to make your house bearable? A home air conditioning installation is a big decision, one that will affect your house for many years to come. When talking to the installation professionals, there are some questions that you should ask in order to make sure that you get the best air conditioning unit possible. [Read More]

From Solid To Striped - Converting Your Drapes To Have A Whole New Look

If you want to change the entire look of a room by switching up your curtains, you don't have to buy new ones! Consider saving some money by adding stripes to your drapes in a complementary color. Here are some instructions for you to use to change your drapes from a solid color to striped without it being a permanent change.  Materials You Will Need Cotton twill material  Measuring tape Scissors Straight pins Fusible fabric webbing Ribbon in same color as twill material Iron Measuring The Material [Read More]

Running Refrigerator: 3 Potential And Damaging Issues For A Constantly Running Fridge

Your refrigerator hums on a regular basis. However, it shouldn't be constantly. The compressor should click off several times throughout the day. When it doesn't do this, there are a few different things that could be wrong and you need to check these things to ensure that the internal components of the refrigerator do not overheat and become overly damaged. Here are a few causes of a constantly running refrigerator: [Read More]