What Can You Do to Maintain Your New Retractable Screen Door?

If you've just recently bought a new retractable screen door for your home and are uncertain about the maintenance it requires, learning how to take care of your new door can help you extend its service life. The following tips will help.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your retractable screen door once every year will keep the view out your door clear. To clean the door, close it all the way. Dip a sponge in warm water and gently use the wet sponge to wipe down the screen. If the door is very dirty, you may use warm water mixed with a mild detergent. Once you're done wiping off the retractable door with soapy water, rinse it with clean water. Do this annually.

Use a Decal to Avoid Accidents

A well cleaned retractable screen door may be difficult to see when it's closed, because the screen takes up the entire doorway without a solid panel in place. This can make it appear that your screen door is not there at all, which can lead to accidents. To avoid walking into your screen door when it is closed, place a screen door decal on your door at eye level to make to obvious that your screen door is closed. You can buy a screen door decal from your retractable screen door dealer.

Retract the Door During Storms

Your retractable screen door is able to withstand slight breezes, but should not be exposed to high winds. Retract your screen door during storms and high winds. To find out exactly how much wind is too much wind, check your manufacturer's instructions, as this may vary by make and model.

Check the Track

The bottom track that holds your screen in place may gather pebbles, hair, dirt and grit. This track should be kept clean in order to avoid tearing your screen. To clean the track, run your finger inside the track to feel for pebbles, dirt and obstructions. Remove pebbles with your fingers, then use a narrow toothbrush or a rag to clean the dirt and grit from the track. Dip the brush or rag in soapy water before performing the cleaning. Do this semi-annually to keep the door functioning well.

The contractor who installed your retractable screen door or the retailer who sold you the door should be able to give you further tips and tricks to help you maintain your door. To find out more, talk to companies like All Seasons Retractables.