The Difference Between Modular And Custom Hardwood

If you want to add the look of hardwood to your floors in your basement, there are many options to consider. You will probably be surprised how many different types, styles and price ranges hardwood flooring comes in. Two of the most popular types of hardwood floors are modular and custom. This article explains the main differences between modular and custom products.

The Advantages of Modular Hardwood

The main advantage of a modular hardwood floors is the fact that they are made for easy installation. In fact, many homeowners even install their own hardwood flooring, even if they are not flooring or construction experts. By reducing the labor cost, you can significantly decrease the cost of the project. The actual flooring planks have a simple tongue and groove system that allows them to be attached to each other without any glues, adhesive or fasteners. Another great thing about modular floors is that they are typically made out of composite woods. Furthermore, layers of composite are glued together to help reduce the weight and cost of the flooring. Overall, much of the floors are more affordable, lighter and easier to install.

The Advantages of Custom Hardwood

As mentioned, custom hardwood floors are generally more expensive. Most people who choose custom floors invest in a solid wood. That is, instead of the planks being made out of thin layers that are glued together, they are made out of one solid, milled piece of wood. While this might be more costly, it does provide a sturdier surface. Custom floors usually need to be installed by professionals because they need to be properly mitered along the edges so the seams are perfect. They are also secured to the subfloor with glues, unlike most modular products.

In the end, this increased labor further ups the cost of custom hardwood floors. But, if you have the money, a custom hardwood floor will allow you to choose the exact wood and stain that fits your home style. You won't be limited to the products that you can find in a catalog or store. In reality, you can stain your custom floor just about any color and use just about any hardwood species that you like. Both custom and modular hardwood floors will add a lot of style to any room. Choose the product that best fits your personal needs and budget. A professional remodeling company like Property Service Agency LLC can help with this and any other remodeling projects. You will definitely be happy with the end result.