Transforming Your Backyard Into An Oasis Like The Water Palace Of Dorne From Game Of Thrones

If you are a Game of Thrones mega-fan and find the sets and locations for the show mesmerizing, you may find yourself wishing that your own home could be like one of the many beautiful palaces on the show. One such palace that encapsulates all of the beauty of the show is the Water Palace of Dorne, where the House Martell rules. The good news is you can transform your backyard into an oasis for yourself modeled after the luxurious grounds at the Water Palace of Dorne. Get to know a few of the ways you can do just that and get started creating your personal paradise as soon as possible.

Make Sure You Have At Least One Backyard Water Fountain

The Water Palace of Dorne, of course, is all about the water and how beautiful water landscaping can be. As such, you will want to start off your backyard oasis design with water elements, specifically water fountains.

To mimic the classic Spanish and Mediterranean style that the Game of Thrones set encompasses, you will want to opt for classic-looking stone water fountains. Ornate accents and designs can also help to make the fountain the central focus of your backyard oasis.

Look for backyard water fountains for sale made of classic stone (or a cheaper stone-like resin) that you can use to base the rest of your landscaping design around. A single large fountain or a set of two or three smaller ones will likely do the trick in your miniaturized recreation of the Water Palace of Dorne.

Choose Shrubs That Can Be Easily Shaped And Pruned

Another major element of the gardens in the Water Palace of Dorne is the perfectly groomed and deliberately shaped shrubs and greenery. You can surround your backyard fountain or fountains with a stone or brick pathway. Then surround those pathways with your selected shrubs, other plants and flowers.

If you want to mimic the exact look of the Game of Thrones Water Palace of Dorne, you will want to design your shrubs with contrasting shapes. For example, you can surround your water fountain and path with a circle of shrubs, but then surround that with shrubs that create a square exterior border. This creates drama and grandeur and can give you the royal oasis that you were looking to create for yourself.

This means you want to purchase shrubs that are easy to shape and trim. Boxwood shrubs are one of the best choices for this. You want to make sure that the shrubs you purchase are not flowering when you buy them. It is best to shape and prune them either before or after they flower for optimum control and to keep the plant healthy.

Now that you know a few of the ways to get you started transforming your backyard into an oasis like the Water Palace of Dorne, you can get started as soon as possible and have your oasis complete before you know it.