Tame An Unruly Yard With Some Simple, Low-Maintenance Strategies

If you are struggling to keep your yard mowed and manicured, you could be fighting an uphill battle. Instead of working against the elements, try something with your landscaping that will work with the elements and make maintaining your property easier. Try the following tips to create a space that looks great, but that doesn't require you to till and toil every weekend:

Create beauty with wildflowers. A simple solution to an unruly lawn or yard is found with wildflower seed mixes. Talk with home and garden retailers about the best types of flowers for your region and grow zone, and sprinkle them liberally across the topsoil, per packet recommendations. Create a gorgeous, nature-inspired space that is breathtaking to see and that will add color and vibrancy to your property.

Integrate simple stonework into your space. When you get sick of mowing and weeding, consider adding stone to your unruly yard. Stone pavers, brick, river rocks, and concrete slabs will cover up and thwart the growth of grass and foliage, while providing a crisp, clean space to entertain or lounge. Before positioning the stone or pouring concrete, remove the grass or weeds, till the earth, and add a layer of weed-preventing fabric (available at most garden centers) for best results.

Elevate the property with an eco-system. Another way to enhance the looks of your yard or property is by creating a self-sustaining garden filled with native plants. First, find out which plants do best in your region and climate, and augment the plants with native grasses and foliage that will thrive in the geographic conditions with minimal maintenance. Talk with gardening experts about which plants can survive in your climate, and which ones will thrive together and form their own eco-system.

Put in a pond. A pond is an excellent way to disguise an unruly yard, and it also provides endless opportunities for pleasure, entertaining, and relaxation later. The biggest part of putting in a pond is deciding on your pond-liner, which you can buy prefabricated at a home improvement store, and digging a hole for the liner. Be sure to line the hole with clean, dry sand prior to putting in the liner, as this will provide support and a bit of flexibility as you adjust and fill your pond.

Try these tips to make your yard a thing of beauty, without breaking a sweat! Consider clever ways to reduce work while maintaining a gorgeous feature that will enhance your entire property. Talk with gardening retailers about implementing these options into your property, transforming an unruly yard into a scenic and serene space that you enjoy spending time in.