Three Tips For Choosing The Right Mirror For Your Bathroom

The mirror that hangs over the sink in your bathroom does more than just provide you with a spot to check your hair in the morning before work. When it's hung in the right location, a mirror can make the bathroom -- even if it's a small one -- look significantly larger. Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom is about more than just finding a mirror that suits your budget and the available space on the wall. To get the best for your bathroom, it's beneficial to keep these three tips in mind as you shop.

Shape Means A Lot

When it comes to selecting the right shape of mirror for your bathroom, you have several available options. Many homeowners opt for rectangular or square and each has its benefits. If the mirror is a horizontal rectangle, it can bring a feeling of wideness to the space; conversely, a vertical rectangle can help the space feel tall. Either shape can be ideal based on the size and shape of your bathroom; if you have low ceilings, for example, the vertical option is ideal. An oval mirror is another valuable choice to consider; its sleek, smooth shape serves as a valuable aesthetic contrast to a bathroom that has plenty of straight lines.

Tie The Frame Into The Bathroom's Theme

The frame of your mirror can greatly accentuate the overall theme or feel of the bathroom. If you have glass tile accents in your shower or glass countertops, a mirror with glass tiles around the frame can feel light and water-like, effectively suiting the space. If you've decorated the bathroom with dark, bold colors, a mirror with a thick and heavy frame -- possibly made of wood -- provides the bulk that's necessary to avoid the mirror getting lost on the wall.

Consider The Bathroom Use

Design elements aside, it's important to think about how you and your family members use the bathroom to ensure that the mirror you choose is practical. If you and your spouse frequently get ready for work at the same time, the mirror has to be large and wide enough to accommodate both of you; otherwise, you'll have daily frustration as you jostle for position when you need to see yourself. If you're concerned that the bathroom feels dark, the mirror can provide the valuable function of brightening the space. You can achieve this by hanging an overhead light in front of the mirror, as doing so will allow the mirror to catch the light and reflect it back at you. This method can be preferable to having lights mounted above the mirror.

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