Add Color To Your New Studio Apartment With These Fun Ideas

Living in a studio apartment offers benefits most other dwellings don't, such as minimal space to keep clean and the convenience of having all of your living essentials available within just a few feet of each other. But it can be tricky to design and brighten up tight quarters without making the space look crowded or over-decorated. Using color to decorate your studio apartment is a great way to create a unique design that doesn't take up any extra space or sacrifice organization. Try using one or more of the following ideas to spiff your new studio apartment up with color:

Wall Trim

An easy way to infuse your studio apartment with color is to add some trim to the walls of your main living area. If your landlord won't allow you to paint trim on the walls, consider cutting cardstock in strips about 12 inches in width to trim the tops of your walls with. You can use wallpaper, decorated canvas, as well as silk and velvet material to cover the cardboard before attaching it to the wall with a staple gun.

Furniture Accents

You can also effectively add color to your studio apartment by painting your side and end tables as well as the wooden legs on your couch and chairs. For a more unique look, use broken tiles to create a mosaic on your side tables by supergluing them into place in a design of your preference. Using ribbon or rope to wrap the legs of furniture will not only add color, but will also provide some extra texture and depth to the space.

Designer Lamps

One of the easiest ways to add instant color to your space is to incorporate a few designer lamps into the mix. Designer lamps, like those at Sassy Lamps, offer a modern look and feel and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, which should make it easy to top your tables no matter what size they are. You'll find lamps outfitted with elegant solid colors, old farmhouse designs, and eclectic concoctions so have fun with your choices!

Choosing Your Colors

It's important to keep in mind that the color you incorporate into your studio apartment can have an effect on your mood, so you'll want to seriously consider your options before you start planning your design and shopping for décor. Some colors that may meet your personal preferences and needs include:

  • Blue – slows down respiration and heart rate and helps to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Yellow – tends to provide an uplifting feel and invoke a sense of happiness.
  • Red – raises energy levels and encourages excitement.

By incorporating a variety of different colors into your space you can take advantage of all the different mood aspects that they have to offer at the same time. For example, blue and yellow together should lift your spirits while making you feel good about lounging around with a good book to relax.