4 Ways To Make Your Home Theater More Like A Real Movie Theater

There is nothing better than being transported to another world by the magic of film, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. When you have a home theater you don't have to shell out an exorbitant amount of money for tickets and popcorn, or deal with driving, parking, long lines, or crowds. Instead, you and your whole family can cozy up for movie night in your pajamas whenever you feel like it. Here are four ideas for making your home theater more like a real movie theater:

Buy a Home Theater Projector

A home theater projector will project your movie onto a huge screen, just like at the movies. These days, projectors come with high quality, HD visuals. You can project the movie onto a very large area for much less money than a comparably sized television. Plus, the act of projecting your movies will in itself make your home theater feel much more atmospheric and movie theater-like.

Get a Decent Screen

Technically, a home theater projector can project a movie onto almost any blank surface, including a sheet that you hang from the wall or even the wall itself. But in order to get the best quality picture and the most movie theater-like experience, you should definitely get a nice projector screen. These can be purchased pretty affordably online, or you can even make your own for much less.

Invest in Surround Sound

All the crisp, beautiful imagery in the world won't make your home theater experience feel like going to the movies if the sound isn't also great quality. Your best bet is to upgrade your audio system to surround sound, either by purchasing a home theater sound system or purchasing individual surround sound speakers. Once you hook your home theater up to surround sound, you and your family will feel more fully immersed in every movie you watch.

Don't Forget the Popcorn

While a bag of microwave popcorn might do in a pinch, for the true movie theater experience you should consider adding a theater-style popcorn maker to your home theater set up. You can buy these online or at any major home supply store. They come in a range of styles, including retro-style for a touch of nostalgic charm.

Once you follow these tips, your home theater experience will be so amazing you may never want to go out to the movies again.