How To Clean Your Vinyl Shutters

If you have vinyl shutters in your home, you are going to want to keep them clean since this adds to their appeal and keeps the room looking fresh and bright. This is especially true in the kitchen where shutters are more susceptible to staining because of the constant amount of cooking that is going on. When cooking, oils, water, and more can splash on the shutters leaving stains. Here's how to clean your vinyl shutters:

  • ​Vacuum the Shutters Weekly: When vacuuming the house, take the time to use the hose attached to the vacuum to vacuum up dirt and dust that is sitting on the surface of the shutters. This is going to prevent this build up from sticking to the shutters making the time you have to take to deep clean the shutters happen less often. 
  • Dust the Shutters Every Couple Weeks: Dusting the shutters every couple of weeks will also help to keep the shutters clean. It may even help you to avoid having to vacuum and deep clean as often. 
  • Spot Clean the Shutters: Whenever the shutters have had something spilled on it, be sure to spot clean them. You can do this with a damp cloth and water to scrub away the spill or stain that was left behind. This should be enough to remove the stain completely. You should also use distilled water because this won't leave water spots on the vinyl shutters, which can make the shutters still appear to be dirty. 
  • Use Dish Soap to Clean the Shutters: If it does come down to having to deep clean the vinyl shutters in your home, you should only have to use a bit of dish soap and water. You will want to gently scrub with a soft cloth. Don't use anything other than soap because other cleaners are harsh and abrasive and can ruin the finish of the vinyl shutters. Once you have finished cleaning with soap and water, you will want to wipe dry to help avoid water spots from being left behind. 

When you know how to clean your vinyl window shutters properly, you can keep them looking appealing and attractive without causing any damage. You should never scrub too hard, use abrasive cleaners, or use hard water that can leave behind water spots. Keeping the vinyl windows clean will help you to avoid having to replace them sooner than you would otherwise like to. For more information, contact companies like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley.