Three Tips To Give Your Landscaping A Vintage Look With Modern Energy Efficiency

If you want to do a different design for your landscaping, you may be considering a rustic look with features like vintage lighting. You may also want to include things like a fountain or bird bath with running water. These features require electrical installations and can cause your electric bill to go up. There are many things that can also be done to add these features to your home and keep them as energy efficient as possible. Here are some tips to help give your landscaping a vintage look with modern energy efficiency.

1. Updating Vintage Exterior Light Fixtures With Modern Technology

If you want to have a rustic look for your home, you may be considering installing vintage lighting. The problem with this can be that some outdoor lighting can have incandescent bulbs that use a lot of electricity. This is why there are services that specialize in vintage exterior lighting. They will be able to rewire old light fixtures with modern technology, such as compact fluorescent lights or LED bulbs, which are more efficient. This can help to greatly reduce the energy consumption of vintage outdoor lighting.

2. Using Low Voltage Pumps For Water Features In Landscaping Design

You may also have water features for your landscaping design. These can be things as simple as a pond fountain or waterfalls and streams. Most of these features require a pump to keep the water flowing. Consider using low voltage pumps for these features, which can also give you the option of connecting them to wind or solar energy. You can also decrease the rate of water flow for these features to allow you to use equipment that uses less electricity.

3. Adding Solar And Wind Energy To Help Power Landscaping Electrical Installations

Solar energy can also be a great way to add energy efficiency to your landscaping design. This can be done with features such as solar panels hidden in rocks. If you are doing a rustic landscaping design, you may also want to consider wind energy. You can use vintage windmills and adapt them with modern electrical generators to help power things like lighting and water features in your landscaping design.

These are some tips to help you give your landscaping a vintage design with modern energy savings. If you are ready to start redesigning your home's exterior, contact a vintage exterior lighting service to help you with the lighting for your landscaping.