Want Unique Curb Appeal? Use Pallets To Create Custom Shutters

If you are a new homeowner, you probably want people to look at your home and be amazed at what you've done with it as they drive by. One way that you can add curb appeal to your home is with custom shutters. You can have someone make them for you, or you can build some yourself using pallets. This guide explains the easy steps needed to accomplish this task.

Step 1: Procure the Needed Materials

Visit the home improvement store and ask for some old pallets. The amount you need depends on how wide you want the shutters to be and the size and amount of windows you have. You'll need about three to four pallet slats for each side of each window. Then pick up these materials:

  • a tape measure
  • a pencil
  • a circular saw
  • several 1x4s
  • your choice of paint or stain
  • a paintbrush
  • medium and long wood nails
  • a hammer

Step 2: Take Apart the Pallets

Take apart the pallets by inserting the hammer where the nails are and gently pull them out.

Step 3: Measure the Windows

Measure the length of the windows and mark this distance on the wood from the pallets.

Step 4: Cut the Pallets and 1x4s

Plug in the circular saw and cut the wood off the pallet on the mark. Lay three to four pieces next to each other and measure them again to make sure that they are the size needed for your windows.

Measure the length diagonally of the pallet pieces and mark this measurement on the 1x4s. Then cut this wood with a circular saw and place the one by four on the pallet pieces diagonally to make sure it fits.

Repeat this step until you have enough wooden pieces for every window that you wish to place the shutters on.

Step 5: Paint or Stain the Wood

Use your paintbrush to apply the paint or stain to all pieces of wood. Give the wood a few hours to dry, and then apply a second coat if desired.

Step 6: Attach the 1x4s to the Pallet Pieces

Lay the 1x4 on a table diagonally, and then lay the pallet pieces on top of it. Attach the pallet pieces to the 1x4 with a hammer and medium-sized wood nails.

Since you are working from the back of the shutter, only insert the nails about halfway. Then turn the shutter over to ensure that the 1x4 did not move. Once you are happy with the design, turn the shutter back over and finish securing the nails.

Step 7: Hang the Shutters

Line the shutters up along the edge of the window, with the 1x4 facing outward. Insert a long wood nail in each corner of the shutter with the hammer.

Keep in mind that you can get as creative as you want with these types of custom shutters. Pick up some templates and cut various designs in the wood with the jigsaw, or attach the 1x4s in a different manner than just diagonally. Ask your custom shutters designer for more ideas on how to design your own shutters using pallets or other materials.