3 Ways To Move To College

If you are moving to college, figuring out how to move your belongings is probably on your mind. You have a wide range of options to choose from, aside from moving in your own vehicle. However, it is probably not large enough to fit any furniture or larger items you need for your dorm room or apartment. Here are some different options available to you.

Ship Your Belongings

The first option for getting all of yours tuff to your new dorm room is by shipping it. This is a good option if you live far away from where your college is located and don't have access to a truck or van for moving your stuff. You can save money by downsizing beforehand or simply keeping what you don't need at your parent's house. Find out what is already available to you in your new room. Many dorms provide mattresses and beds, desks, and sometimes even bookshelves. You might not need much more than your school supplies, clothing, and personal items.

There are a few different ways to ship your stuff. You can use container shipping, which allows your items to be shipped by land or sea, depending on where you are going to college. This is the least expensive alternative. There is also shipping by air, but this is going to cost you more. The benefit is that your belongings arrive much sooner.

Rent a Moving Truck

If you want to drive to your new college but can't fit everything in your personal vehicle, you can hire a moving trailer or a truck. A trailer is good if your vehicle can support the weight of a trailer. You probably won't be moving much stuff, so small trailers will provide plenty of room. With a moving truck, there are different sizes available. If you're moving to college and going straight to an apartment, you might need to bring furniture. This makes the truck beneficial. In both cases, you can drop off the trailer or moving truck at the moving company closest to your college, so you don't have to worry about how to get it back.

Hire Professional Movers

Your last option is to hire professional movers. If you intend to go to college by bus, train, or airplane, this is a great option. Find a local mover and you don't need to worry about driving the moving truck yourself—the movers will make sure everything arrives safely. Instead of your belongings being in storage containers, the movers will have everything on their possession during the trip, which can make you feel more at ease. Once they arrive, they will unload the truck for you and might even set up furniture.