Eight Different Looks For The Same Window In Your Home

Changing the window treatments is an easy way to instantly transform the mood and look of any room in the home effortlessly. Simply swapping curtains for shades, or blinds to a swag, will give your space new lighting, different flair, and a sense of style. Try the following eight treatments when you want to change and enhance a window in your home:

Rod-pocket curtains

Rod-pocket curtains are widely available and easy to make, too. These can be created from any fabric, and the length typically falls below the lower sill of your window pane. These allow light to come in, while you can pull them close together for privacy as needed.


A fabric-covered cornice is a super way to elevate your window into a crowning jewel of the room. These are wooden fixtures that are installed above the top-sill of the window pane, and they block sun while providing visibility for those inside the home.

Tab-top curtains

There is a light, airy feel to tab-top curtains, and this could be due to the sunlight that sneaks through the tabs that hang loosely over your rod. These are super-easy to create, as they are basically panels with ties on the top hem. They hang approximately the same length as drapes or rod-pocket curtains, whichever you prefer for your space. 

Swag with panels

Swags are so easy to adapt to any window, and there is an elegant look to the draped material that never gives a hint to how easy these are to create! Swags with panels typically taper on the segments that hang vertically on each side of the sill. These tapered panels provide a sophisticated look that suits any window.

Shaped valance

Valances are found in a wide range of shapes and styles, and you could easily sew your own if you are seeking something distinctive. These fit on standard curtain rods and provide some protection from direct sunlight while dressing the window in a way that can make your room look larger. These pair well with blinds or shades, if needed.

Roman shade

A clean and modern Roman shade can brighten and lighten your space, and the wide range of fabrics, textiles, and materials make this a versatile option.

Draped swag and decorative rod

A cool curtain rod or drapery rod can make a huge difference in what the window looks like. Drape a swag, or lots of fabric, around the rod to create a lush, luxurious look in your space. Seek out rods with intricate finials or ornate features.

Cafe curtain

A cafe curtain is hung at mid-height of the window, so it blocks out prying eyes of passers-by while still allowing sunlight into your space. These are excellent treatments to use in a kitchen, but work well in other rooms of the home, too. These hang to the bottom sill for a crisp, clean look.

If you want to elevate a simple window into a stunning feature of your home, try one of these eight treatments. You may be surprised at what the change in lighting can do to the aesthetics of your space. Talk to your window company, such as http://kcglassinc.com/, for more ideas.