Choosing An Appropriate Bed For Your Guest Room

When guests come to stay, whether it's for one night or for a few weeks, it's nice to offer them a space of their own. The most important element of a guest room is the bed. Your guests can work around a dresser that's not spacious enough or a nightstand that's tough to close for the duration of the visit, but if the bed is not comfortable, they won't sleep well and won't be as well prepared to enjoy the rest of their trip.

Follow these guidelines when searching furniture stores for choosing a bed for your guestroom:

Choose a double bed or larger

If most of your friends and family members are single, you may be tempted to save money by purchasing a single bed rather than a double or queen-sized bed. However, this is unlikely to save you any money in the long run, since you'll likely have to upgrade to a double bed in the future when a couple comes to stay with you. Plus, most adults are used to sleeping in double or queen-sized beds at home, so offering them this space during their stay will make them more comfortable.

Consider purchasing a trundle bed or bunk bed

A trundle bed is a flat bed that rolls underneath a regular bed for storage, but can be pulled out for children to sleep upon. If you have a lot of friends with young children, a trundle bed or bunk bed may be a worthwhile choice for your guest room, since it allows you to accommodate the whole family in one room.

Choose a comfortably firm mattress

Even if you like sleeping on an ultra-soft or overly firm mattress, you can't assume your guests will have the same preference. A mattress that is moderately firm will feel acceptable to most guests, and is a good choice if you even end up hosting guests with back issues.

You don't have to purchase the most expensive, pillow-topped mattress in the store, but don't go for the flimsy, bargain mattress, either. A good mattress will last for years in your guests room since it won't be used often, so make the investment now so you don't have to replace it later.

Once you have chosen the right bed and mattress for your guest room, the only thing left to do is outfit it with sheets, pillows and a comforter. Choose coordinating colors and materials that you'd want to sleep in yourself. Always include plenty of pillows, too. Your guests will enjoy lounging on them as they read in the evening or do some work on their laptops in the early morning.