How Remove a Tree

If you have tree roots that are overtaking your yard and that are growing in the grass, then it may be time to kill and get rid of these trees. In order to do so, follow these 3 steps.

Use Herbicide

To start, you need to get some herbicide at your local nursery that is strong enough to kill trees. Once you get the herbicide, you need to make notches in the roots of the tree. Note that you should do this in the roots that are growing outward in the grass and not down into the ground. 

Pour herbicide into each notch to fill the holes, and then you will have to be patient. Give the herbicide a few days to work, and your tree should start to turn dark and look sickly. 

After doing the first round, make notches again that are closer to the trunk of the tree, and pour more herbicide into the notches. A second dose of the chemicals will help to kill off any living part of the tree. The leaves will fall off, the branches will become weak, and the roots and trunk will no longer be as firm.

Dig Around the Roots

Before the tree can be removed, you need to dig a circle around the roots of the tree. Do not dig in between the roots because this is going to be much harder since you will probably run into roots under the ground too.

Once you have dung a circle around the tree roots, begin to dig into the ground further so that you clear all of the roots. You should do this if you want the entire tree to be removed instead of just cutting it down at the trunk. Otherwise, you will still have roots at the surface of your grass that are in the way.

Call a Tree Removal Company

Lastly, call a company that offers tree cutting services. They will come out, pull the whole tree out of the ground, and they can also plant a new tree or fill the hole with dirt. It is up to you what you want to do with the open space that has been created, so be sure to tell the tree service company ahead of time.

It will be much easier to have the tree removed by a professional company than to try to pull it out yourself, especially if the tree is really old and large. The tree removers will make sure that every part of the tree is gone so that you do not have problems in the future.

By doing these 3 things, you can get rid of a tree or trees in your yard without breaking a sweat. You can do this anytime of year as well, but it is a good idea to try in the spring or late winter before you want to plant something new.