Professional Pest Control Treatments For Ant Eradication

If you are a homeowner who is struggling with a relentless ant problem, you may be at your wit's end, feeling like there is no hope in ridding your home of these frustrating pests. If you have attempted to eradicate your ant infestation with natural remedies or commercial insecticides and they just keep coming back, you are not alone. Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of, due to the fact that a single colony can consist of thousands of ants. Consumer pest control products and natural home remedies are often not strong enough to eliminate entire colonies, but fortunately, there is hope. Professional pest control services offer a variety of extermination methods such as fumigation procedures and professional-strength baits that help to ensure that each and every ant is accounted for. Read on to learn more about professional ant control treatment options that will help your home remain ant-free.

Structural Fumigation

Ants often make their way into homes through cracked foundation, window casings and door frames. Once inside, the ants create colonies behind structural walls, behind cabinets and underneath flooring. During a structural fumigation procedure, your pest control specialist will treat your home's exterior by spraying a high-grade insecticide along the foundation, doorways and any other areas of entry, which in turn will help to prevent new entry and eliminate exterior colonies.

Perimeter Fumigation

Another common entry point for ants is home perimeters and fence lines. Ants that have invaded adjacent properties can travel into neighboring yards and even eventually move into the home. Your pest control specialist can stop ants in their tracks by treating these areas and creating invisible barriers that prevent the insects from crossing into your property.

Internal Fumigation and Ant Baits

In certain cases, home interiors must be treated in addition to exterior treatments to ensure complete eradication. During an internal ant fumigation procedure, your exterminator will locate the ant colonies and spray down the areas with high-grade insecticide. They may also place baits in kitchen cabinets and behind appliances in order to attract foraging ants. Foragers will gather enough bait to take back to their colonies, as well as feed on the baits themselves. Once the queen ant and her foragers feed on the baits, the entire colony will be destroyed.

Trust the Professionals With Your Ant Problem

Ant infestations can be terribly frustrating for homeowners, as these pesky insects are prone to popping up time and time again. Professional pest control specialists possess the skills and tools to eliminate ant colonies at the source, providing homeowners with the peace of mind in knowing that their homes are safe and pest-free.