Creative Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal With Brick

The front of your home is the first thing people see, so naturally you want to make it look its best. Creative brick work on the front facade or in the landscaping can make your home stand out from the other homes on your block. These ideas provide some unique options to increase your curb appeal.

Border Your Walkways

Plain concrete does little to make your entrance walkway appealing. Combined with a plain lawn, it's a boring combination. A quick facelift to the sidewalk is simple to achieve without replacing the concrete with expensive cobblestones or a stamped finish.

Instead, line the edges of the sidewalks with a brick border. You give up only a few inches of the lawn, while giving your walkway an all-new look. A professional installation with mortared joints looks best and weathers well. If your home has a brick facade, choose a similar color. Otherwise, pick a brick shade that complements the house paint or other features in the landscape.

Add Some Insets

Brick insets are a small change that provides instant curb appeal. Inset bricks into the front of your concrete entrance steps for a facelift that doesn't require new steps.

Another option is to remove some concrete from the driveway, or even the sidewalk. Your concrete professional or brick mason can remove strips from the concrete and replace them with eye-catching bricks. Whether it's a single strip at the start of the driveway, or an inlaid design in the patio, bricks give a home an expensive look without a high price tag.

Brick In the Columns

Thin wooden porch columns can look flimsy or old-fashioned from the street. Encasing them with brick adds an instant improvement that makes your home look up-to-date and more expensive.

Before bricking in the columns, make sure the porch can support the extra weight. Your mason may recommend further framing or bracing underneath the porch. He will then lay and mortar the bricks around the columns. You can install brick only halfway up the column, creating a shelf around each column where you can display plants, or you can brick them to the porch overhand.

Install Some Planters

Masonry accents in the landscape increase the visual appeal of your home. Low brick borders work well around existing beds, while taller planters bordering the front of the house or along the walkway provide visual appeal and a raised flower bed. Options for brick planters include

  • stone work to create a natural looking border around island shrub or flower beds. These work especially well with irregular shaped beds or round planting areas.

  • clean lines by encircling trees with a low brick wall. The bricks only need laid two high to create a clean border.

  • knee-height brick planters on either side of your entry way, backing up to the front house wall. Low shrubs or brightly colored flowers complete the look.

A little bit of masonry work goes a long way. Make a plan, set a budget, and consult with a masonry expert, such as Michael Bellantoni, to make your creative dreams a reality.